Learn From The Five-Fold

Our Academy is an exciting place to grow, and we take seriously the fact that our students have chosen to invest their time and resources in this particular education arm. Our ambition is to provide all students with first class education in a stimulating environment where learning is authentic & fun and standards are high. In order to ensure a positive learning experience, we have developed a comprehensive curriculum and culture, and carefully selected lecturers from across all five-fold giftings. These lecturers have proven themselves, not just in giftings but also in character and their love for the Lord. Students will get to learn from a variety of five-fold perspectives, and in doing so learn to effectively walk with others as a five-fold team.


Alexander wiraatmaja

Alex is the co-founder of Antioch Hub. Recognized by many prophets as an upcoming prophet with strong apostolic anointing, he has been used prophetically by God to deliver a timely word to people from many walks of life & backgrounds. He prophesies destiny and direction, propelling people forward into their unique calling from God. His primary heart is to see the army of God awakened, and for the seven mountains of society to be permeated by the Kingdom of God. He believes that each person, each city, each nation, has a unique destiny of their own; and when connected with each other, will form a grand orchestra of God's divine plan. Together with his lovely wife, he equips & sends people to establish the Kingdom of God through the seven mountains of society. Alexander & Samantha Wiraatmaja are both ordained as Reverends (2018), and ministers of God's work under DAVT presided by Rev. Dr. Michael B. Wieteska, Bishop of Ultima Vocatio Ministries International.


samantha lee-wiraatmaja

Samantha is the co-founder of Antioch Hub. She is a prophetic voice and her heart is to to see people walking fully in their unique purpose in God. She also leads the Dream Room, a global platform that inspires people to tap into heaven’s blueprints to create earthly solutions with God in all spheres of society, and has been joined by a great team of kingdom-hearted creatives from all around the world. She and her husband Alex believe passionately in the 7 mountains mandate & mentoring God’s generation of prophetic youth army. Her heart is to see the broken restored, and she has written Journey To Wholeness, a 40-day prophetic book designed to help women on the path to wholeness in Christ. Alexander & Samantha Wiraatmaja are both ordained as Reverends (2018), and ministers of God's work under DAVT presided by Rev. Dr. Michael B. Wieteska, Bishop of Ultima Vocatio Ministries International.



Joe is an elder in the gate of the prophetic. He has been instrumental in opening the realm of a practical, hands-on prophetic ministry and lifestyle to hundreds of people for over 20 years through specialized equipping classes and seminars, coaching, mentoring, and open venue teaching. Joe personally applies prophetic insight in the marketplace as an IT professional and Organizational Consultant. As founder of The Obadiah Fellowship, Joe is raising up Prophets for this generation. Joe’s easy to follow teaching has awakened the gift of prophecy within churches around the world, equipping many for the first time as a true five-fold ministry. He is the founder of BlueWaterLeadership as well, where he specializes in training leaders in management and organizational performance and effectiveness. He is author of The Cave, a foundational book for all who seek to grow in the prophetic.


Jason wong

Jason served in the civil service for 23 years, and held positions such as the Deputy Director/Chief of Staff of the Singapore Prison Service, Chief Executive Officer of SCORE (Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises), and Senior Director of Rehabilitation & Protection at the Ministry of Social and Family Development. In 2004, he initiated the Yellow Ribbon Project and chaired the Organising Committee for 2 years. In 2009, he helped conceive and launch the Dads for Life movement in Singapore. Jason currently volunteers his time as the Chairman of Focus on the Family, and a Director with Centre for Fathering.  He was awarded the Public Administration Medal (Silver) in 2002. Jason speaks regularly in churches, youth groups, and marketplace groups on the subject of Family, Fathering, and Marketplace Calling. He is also the founder of Elijah7000, an initiative aimed at turning the hearts of Christian fathers to their children.


michael-david & zsiporah

Michael-David and Zsiporah are a psalmist Messianic couple who have ministered in music for over 30 years with a distinct Hebraic emphasis. They have appeared on Canada’s #1 daily Christian TV program 100 Huntley Street on a number of occasions and in Israel at the ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles before thousands of international visitors and delegates as well as ministering at the All Nations Convocation with the Jerusalem House of Prayer For All Nations for multiple years.

They were the founders and directors of the KingsBridge School, a classical Christian academic and school of the arts. They currently are the directors of the KingsBridge Arts Round Table, a non-profit Christian Arts organization as well as providing leadership the Chautauqua Movement in Muskoka, Canada.

Michael & Zsiporah minister beautifully in the gift of prophecy and intimacy with Holy Spirit. Michael's book, "Frequency of the Supernatural" is set to be published in 2018 with Destiny Image publishing.



Jeff has brought Christ into the streets for many years, with amazing and miraculous results. He brings Christian witness to places where most fear to tread - sleazy pubs, sordid back lanes, and red light districts - but where the need for the Lord's presence is greatest. He now shares his testimonies, and challenges you to join the mighty work of God outside the walls of the church. He also shows you ways we can see the world and its everyday situations as pulpits to bring God's transforming power into the lives of others.


Jeremy Lee

Jeremy carries the Father's heart. He is the missions director and former youth pastor of 3:16 church. Under his minstry, he has seen thousands come to a relationship with Jesus. He has a heart for people to experience the embrace of the Father, and to see the marginalised be strengthened in the love of God. His passion is to see the body of Christ coming into oneness. He and his wife, Eishen, are married with a daughter and live in Singapore.


Raphael Zhang

Raphael always wanted to pursue a career in academia until the Lord directed his heart to issues affecting the family in 2014. His work now centers around bringing sexual wholeness to others and healing the land of Singapore one family at a time. Having been led by Jehovah-Rapha to journey out of brokenness toward wholeness, he is passionate about bringing God’s healing to others, so that the brokenhearted can become wholehearted in loving God and people with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.


Michael Reyes

Michael ministers in the marketplace. He has founded/led ministries like Jesus In the House, Jesus en la Casa, EarthShakers, reaching out to college students, witches, satanists, atheists, gangsters, strippers, ex-prisoners, satanists, college people, and southern baptists. He was also a youth pastor at Community of Praise Baptist Church. After his time as a youth pastor, God moved him to Philippines where he started to move in healing in public places like the gym and starbucks and ended up leading them to Christ.  The new Christians asked him if he could help them grow in their walk, which led to TNT or The New Testament ministries. TNT ministries holds healing meetings which are really evangelistic but they call it "healing for free" so non-christians can come. Many have been saved through TNT, from the mafia, to government, to high-end escorts, to models, to assassins, athiests, witches, and others in Philippines, Brazil, Germany, Italy and France. Many have been healed of cancer and other ailments, and others have experienced God through unique miracles.


Kay-Chong Yeo

Kay-Chong is director of International House of Prayer – One Thing Ministries in Singapore, a ministry of “worship with intercession” in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David. He has served the Lord as a pastor among the youths and young adults for 15 years in one of the local Churches in Singapore. In 2002, the LORD gave him a new mandate to establish a 24/7 House of Prayer in the spirit of the Tabernacle of David, to be His voice in calling believers into intimacy with God and to proclaim the message of the forerunners in these Last Days. Since then, he has been ministering and proclaiming these messages in Singapore and in various countries in Asia. He has an intense desire to see others grow in the knowledge of Christ and understand what is on God’s heart for a unique time like this.

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Gerry Seow

Gerry has an uncanny aptitude to imagine a range of possibilities, fantasize about plausible outcomes or benefits, and research facts to imaginatively grasp the subject matter - so that he can bring out what is latent and hidden, or impactfully speak into the life of another, or tactfully conceptualise a way forward, that will change the existing paradigm.

Other esteemed faculty are not listed here to protect their privacy as they are involved in important & sensitive high-level work in the nations.